Why Didn’t I Think of this before?

This is most of the ingredients I used the only thing missing is coffee grounds

Everyone feels self conscious at times, and people with mental illness probably feel it even more often.  I have severe adult acne, and I am always having flare ups, but some are worse than others.  I have tried every product on the market.  As soon as I think I have found “THE ONE” my skin becomes immune.  With my mental illness if I am feeling less than my best it can cause a spiral.  I recently have a new hobby as well.  My new hobby is to find awesome stuff to try on pinterest, and make it more awesome.

I have attempted homemade face masks before, that helped, but still weren’t quite right. Most recently I started trying to make a face mask, and I finally found the right combination.  My skin hasn’t been this smooth in years.  It not only is taming my adult acne, my face looks younger, and brighter. My husband is so impressed he feels I should try to sell it.  Well I have to be honest, it looks gross, so I think it wouldn’t sell well.  I will, however, tell you how to make it.

First I used raw honey I used several table spoons, but it depends on how much you are wanting to make.  Then I added about 1/2 a tsp of Cinnamon.

Then I added the same about in Nutmeg and since I have oily skin I went very low on this, but still a bit of Coconut oil, and a dash of Vanilla Flavoring.  I also added Coffee grounds, for exfoliation and blood stimulation.  The tea tree oil for the acne, and its anti bacterial properties.  When possible I tried to use raw organic ingredients.

I put the mixture on very liberally all over my face.  I then leave it on for at least 10 minutes.  The longer the better.  Then when ready I massage it around to get serious exfoliation, then rinse off.  I actually took a no make up selfie and wasn’t afraid to post it!

me on a depressed day and a before pic of my new mask
my pic this morning after one weeks daily use of my face mask


13 thoughts on “Why Didn’t I Think of this before?”

  1. I don’t have oily skin. I hope this will work for me. I love all things natural and would love to give it a try.
    Great results btw! My skin does the best when I’m drinking lots of water and eating veggies and foods without sugar and preservatives etc… Sometimes that easier said than done- In comes face mask! Yay! 😁 Thanks for sharing!


    1. Oh I forgot to mention I tried changing my diet and while that helped a little because believe it or not it was worse before that before picture but stress seem to be the biggest trigger for my acne as well as hormones however changing my diet has helped with other problems such as my fibromyalgia I still have lots of pain but it’s less when I’m eating healthy

  2. Thanks for sharing this face mask mix and your story. Very encouraging and o hope to try some variation of your mix.
    Here’s to many more years of beautiful skin.

  3. Your husband may be on to something for the future for you! I’m glad this latest is working for you and you did think of it, which is great!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe and experiences! Feeling we are looking good is important for all of us… (I’m noticing the hindrances of aging. ;-( ) I’ve never tried a face mask, but your ideas seem like something I could do – thanks for the encouragement!

    1. You’re welcome and another advice I had for somebody who fears the Aging which I’m starting to experience myself as long as you don’t have Ultra oily skin go a little heavier on the coconut oil I’m noticing a lot more smoothness in my skin because of it

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