Finding The Right Doctor

Its always best to see a medical professional when you are experiencing any kind of mental illness, but its not always easy to find the right one.  First off go with your gut.  If it doesn’t feel like the practitioner is listening to you then they may not be right for you.  Also make sure if they are not a psychiatrist that they have some background in psychiatry.  Also if anything just feels off, then get a second opinion.  Lastly if you are having a mental crisis call 911 or go to a crisis unit.  They are more helpful than you would think.

In my experience I have had to do a lot of doctor hunting.  One would listen, but put me on too many meds.  One would not listen, or blow off my issues.  I had others that would switch my meds regardless of whether they were working or not.  I then found a Nurse practitioner who was amazing, but I moved and had to switch.  So I was very nervous about finding a new practitioner.  I found a doctor here recently, and I am pretty sure he is the right one for me.  I will keep you all updated on this as it goes.  What has your experience been?

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